About Us

Brand Concept:

A fresh take on basic upscaled fashion—basic with a hint of surprise. Rooted in classic with a subtle eclectic touch. From afar you might seem mainstream, but up close you reveal your true unique fashion finesse. Lattelier, a step up from the basics.


Our mission

To upgrade your wardrobe to reflect modern, understated style while utilizing eco-conscious materials.

Core values

Essentials, done creative

We believe in innovating the basics—reworking small details to create small surprises in your daily outfits. Our designers love oversized shapes, drop shoulders, off-centered seams, asymmetric cuts, neutral colors and straight silhouettes. Balancing contrast and harmony, our gender-ambiguous designs can easily be mixed and matched for endless creative looks.

Affordable fine fabrics:

Our collection is built on fine, organically-sourced fabrics made of cashmere, silk, cupro, and acetate—while our online business model allows us to provide these high-end materials to you at an incomparably low cost. Chic garments that improve your life are what Lattelier strives to provide.

An everyday experience:

Our clothes are unpretentious—ready to be picked up in the morning and paired with almost anything else. That’s because our designs are both aesthetic and functional—both timeless and durable. The morning rush can be stressful, and we want your wardrobe to be effortless.